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Coed Cariad Learning Community



Coed Cariad welcomes all children from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities. Children need to be aged between 4 and 12 years old and we currently have 16 spaces available.

Parents are asked to complete an application; once an application has been received and the staff feel that the child's emotional, social and academic needs can be met at the space, a six week trial period will begin.
The trial period will give the child the opportunity to experience Coad Cariad and for the staff to ensure that Coad Cariad will be a space where the child will be happy and thrive.

Any family interested in their child attending Coed Cariad is welcome to make an appointment to visit the space and the facilitators.
the Expression of Interest form is available here


We aim to make attending Coed Cariad as accessible as possible for families and we are striving to keep the costs as affordable as possible. Whilst we need to ensure the viability of the project, we would like to consider the possibility in kind contributions as an alternative payment; see below for guidance on fees. £ 25.00 Daily Fee
£ 162.50 Monthly Fee
£ 1,950.00 Annual Fee
If you would like your child to attend Coed Cariad but you are currently not able to meet the fees requested, we encourage you to come and talk to us.

When will Coed Cariad run?

Children attend 9:30am - 3:00pm twice a week.
We will confirm which two days of the week the project will run after consultation with our first cohort of families and the Lead Facilitator.
We will review whether a wrap-around 8:30am - 5:00pm childcare option is needed with our first cohort of families but this is definitely a service we will be working towards in the future.
Our term dates will follow the Carmarthenshire school holidays.

Can my child come to Coed Cariad instead of mainstream school?

Coed Cariad is a learning community but we currently only open for 2 days a week and we are not a registered school. Therefore, in order for a child to attend Coed Cariad they will need to be home-schooled or flexi-schooling. For more information please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

Do you offer a 'payment in kind' scheme for low income families where fees might be a barrier to joining Coed Cariad?

Coed Cariad wish to ensure the project is as accessible as possible and will consider the possibility of a subsidy to fees through a 'payment in kind' agreement. Please contact us if you think this is relevant to your application.

Is there a sibling discount on fees?

The sibling discount is 10% for each additional child.

What does a typical day look like for children attending the project?

Each day will have a number of routines at the start, middle and end of the day to allow a familiar structure and culture to permeate the children's experience and also allow for housekeeping and health and safety. This established rhythm of the day will foster a sense of place and security amongst the children and adults.
At the start of each day, there will be a short community meeting followed by the morning session, lunch, an afternoon session and a house-keeping period before going home.

Children and Facilitators will co-construct the morning and afternoon sessions. They will include a mix of unstructured activity and structured activities that are pre-planned by children and facilitators. Children will be able to choose whether they participate in any structured activities. They will be encouraged and supported to work on their individual projects and have the chance to work in groups, individually, lead and mentor others as and when opportunities arise.

Every week, and also whenever the community feels it necessary, there will be a longer democratic community meeting. Children and adults have an equal voice in these meetings. The meeting should be the place where any decision which affects the community and / or the day to day running of the project, be discussed.

How will Facilitators know what Self Directed Learning my child is doing?

There will be a 'plan, do, review' cycle of Self Directed Learning so the child and facilitator are always in a dialogue about the child's current learning goals are. Children can use the morning and afternoon sessions to work on their projects as well as in their own time outside of Coed Cariad. The nature and outcomes of the child's learning goals will vary according to age and ability. We will be uploading some examples of SDL projects soon to give parents a practical understanding of what sort of evidence can be produced using the SDL model. Meanwhile, please visit www.self-directed.org for more information.

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